Mission City Firm held their 1st of many parties of 2016 at McFinnigan’s Irish Pub on March 25th. MCF took in the USA and Mexican Men’s National team World Cup Qualifier matches, not to mention recruiting for MCF and SAFC. Attendees also were able to participate in a raffle provided by Mission City Firm to add to the fun.

As the night was not just about Mission City Firm but also about getting word out about our club San Antonio Football Club. To help with that Sam McBride and Lee Johnston, two of the new young guns for San Antonio FC dropped by to take in the enthusiastic festivities.

They were very excited to start the upcoming season and they also expressed their appreciation for the Firm, who like the team, is rounding into form in a big way!

As the World Cup matches final whistle blew, the fun was just beginning. Sam, Lee and MCF gathered for a quick picture which quickly turned in to a singing celebration. In true Mission City fashion the Firm belted out one song after another each time getting louder and louder to show their passion for SAFC.

Before you knew it there were bar patrons, and SAFC’s Sam and Lee singing and dancing to the songs that can be heard in Section 118. This was just a small tune up for Mission City Firm as we get ready for April 9th and SAFC’s Home opener. See you there.

Videos and pictures courtesy Teresa Hernandez and Stacy Ness, and commentary by Lee Ochoa.


The Firm at McFinnigans with Sam McBride and Lee Johnston

The Firm at McFinnigans with Sam McBride and Lee Johnston


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